Terms & Conditions of Sale


Your registration on the website concludes that you have accepted and acknowledged the 'Terms and Conditions' mentioned below:


For buying Artworks on Artvilla.in:


  • A sale is complete only when 100% of the money is received in advance

  • None of the artworks present on the Artvilla.in website are in the physical possesion of Artvilla.in. These artworks could be located anywhere in the world in Artist Studios, Galleries etc.

  • The prices mentioned on the website are inclusive of all taxes, transportation charges, shipping and handling charges

  • The artworks shall be delivered to the client based on the information provided by the client as their shipping address and billing address respectively

  • An invoice shall be sent by Artvilla.in in the name of the artist on any purchase through the website

  • An order placed on Shop.artvilla.in indicates an irrevocable acceptance of the purchase from the buyer's side. This can only be rescinded by Artvilla.in in case of a default by the Artist. No order can be reversed from the side of the buyer and Artvilla.in reserves the right to then make an enforceable sale to the buyer

  • The contract of sale in all cases will be between the buyer and Artvilla.in (Artvilla.in is the servicing agent for all artists mentioned on the website)

  • Unframed artworks shall be sent to the buyer in a rolled format and in protective cylinders

  • For the paintings that are glass framed, Artvilla.in shall not provide any guarantee of the glass during transit. However, we value the orders given by our customers and hence shall take utmost care of the artworks during transit

  • In some cases, the buyer may not be satisfied with the condition of the artwork received by him/her, they need to notify Artvilla.in imediately and return it to Artvilla.in in an 'as-is' condition within 3 working days. In such cases, Artvilla.in shall refund the payment made by the buyer

  • Unsatisfactory condition means damaged and spoilt artworks and does not cover the condition of the buyer not liking the artwork

  • Artvilla.in takes great care to reproduce the same colour and form of all artworks on the website. However, since artworks are handmade there could be slight variations in shade and colour. Artvilla.in is not liable to listen to complaints in this regard

  • While you buy and accept the terms and conditions mentioned on this website, you also confirm and authenticate that all the information provided by you as a buyer is correct and completely updated. Any changes in the information provided by you should be informed to Artvilla.in immediately via an email to info@artvilla.in or update the same in the 'My Accounts' section

  • All the actions undertaken by Artvilla.in are based on the information furnished by the buyer during the time of registration

  • All the artworks are provided with an authenticity certificate from Artvilla.in for the artist. Artvilla.in only provides the authenticity certificates on behalf of the artist and is not responsible for the guarantee of authenticity

  • All disputes shall be subjected to jurisdiction of Mumbai only


For Purchases via Art Imagined:

Apart from the terms and conditions mentioned above, the other conditions that are applicable to Art Imagined specifically are as follows:

  • While Artvilla.in takes immense care of the perfection and the quality of the image produced, it does not guarantee slight human errors in the paintings (digital or handmade) produced by its artists
  • Artvilla.in is very respectful of copyright laws and hence advises the buyers/clients/visitors to be careful about uploading images which they do not have the copyright of or are unsure of the copyrights of the image
  • Artvilla.in advises them to be very sure of the copyright and usage permission for the pictures that any buyer/client/visitor uploads
  • Artvilla.in reserves the right to use the images uploaded for its own marketing purposes or promotional purposes on its own website or elsewhere without the prior permission of the buyer/client/visitor that upload the image
  • Artvilla.in has the right to reject uploaded images if it feels the copyright of the image is suspect 
  • Artvilla.in stores these images on its secure server and in case any buyer/client/visitor wishes to delete the image uploaded just needs to send an email to artimagined@artvilla.in to get the photo deleted 


Buyer/Client: Here it refers to someone who intends to or has purchased an Artwork from Artvilla.in on payment of the requisite amount

Artvilla.in: Here it refers to "Artvilla.in Creations LLP" registered under the LLP Act





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